Confectionary Case Study

Retailer and consumer products returns + payment issuance

Business Opportunity

  • Our client, a global confection company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee: retailers can return waste and damaged goods, and consumers get are offered a money-back guarantee
  • Difficulty of managing waste at retail, that purchase products directly through distributor
  • Increasing sales team costs to cover independent stores
  • Costs of administrative data entry and customer service efforts and head office and in the field

PAYGOS Delivers

  • An interface for retailers to submit claims for store-level waste
  • Robust reporting which provides the brand and retailers with access to real-time claim status for each claim
  • System integration with multiple national carriers/transporters and warehouses/waste management companies & ERP systems
  • Web-based application and interface for product returns, payment controls, and regulatory compliance


  • Significant decrease in administrative, sales support, and customer service costs
  • Delivered on Brand’s commitment to product quality, freshness, and customer (retailer & consumer) satisfaction
  • Increased retailers’ satisfaction