Pet Food Case Study

Ordering, returns, exchanges, sales rewards + loyalty program

Business Opportunity

  • Brand’s field sales team was processing store waste and returns using paper forms; the process was cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly to administer
  • Our client was manually managing veterinary incentive programs; the process was time consuming and costly to manage
  • Cheques were not being distributed in a timely manner, causing frustration for clinic owners

PAYGOS Delivers

  • A platform for clinics, retailers, and reps to process store level waste and returns
  • Returns are now processed as an exchange versus a credit or payment, creating new revenue for the client
  • Management of the entire vet clinic incentive and rewards program by tracking sales against contract terms and processing payments
  • Instant access to real-time data for sales team, clinics & retailers to track returns, claims, and incentives


  • Significant reduction in administrative & finance operating costs and processing time
  • Increase in sales rep efficiency
  • Reduction in overall returns
  • Growth in revenue by facilitating exchange
  • Clinics paid incentives quarterly instead of annually