Confectionary Case Study

Incentives + money-back guarantee payments

Business Opportunity

  • Our client needed a solution to pay retailers for incentives, promotions, and feature display programs in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Issues with payment validation and controls
  • Limited visibility of payments issued within covered areas
  • Challenges with record keeping and access to historical data

PAYGOS Delivers

  • Payment for incentives, promotions, and feature display programs
  • Consumer refunds and money-back guarantee programs
  • Greater visibility into complex trade spend processes and implementation of controls and regulatory compliance
  • Payment for expired and damaged goods
  • Seemliness Integration with ERP System


  • Significant increase in overall visibility into trade spend activity
  • Eliminated need for field reps to carry and distribute cheques
  • Increased awareness of spend at every level, including product, customer, and brand