B2B Store and Clinic Solutions

PAYGOS is a customized brand portal that provides customers with direct access to products and services.

Ordering Platform

  • Sell your products directly to your customers while leveraging your existing distribution channels for fulfillment and shipping.
  • Market products, promotions and displays/POS, fulfilment is handled through your existing distribution channels.
  • We put sales generation back into the hands of brands.

Returns and Exchange

  • Deploy PAYGOS to facilitate the return and exchange of expired and damaged goods.
  • We manage the credit or payment to your customer.

Rebate and Incentive Programs

  • Customer volume incentive and rebate programs can be managed and paid through one portal.
  • Contract creation and management
  • Store and sales teams have access to data in real-time

Promotion and Trade Incentives

  • Sell in new trade programs and track attainment through PAYGOS.
  • Support your sales teams with robust tools to track compliance, provide in field payments, new product orders and manage store contracts.

Trial Programs

  • Trial product programs to drive consumer consumption are easily tracked for each retail or clinic location.